AR Benelux is proud to represent a large number of established and leading brands offering test equipment and solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers in different domains.

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EMC ¦ RF & Microwave ¦ Satcom ¦ AC/DC Power ¦ Oscilloscopes ¦ Electrical Safety ¦ Test & Measurement


EMI pulse simulators for EMC testing
AE Techron
Precision industrial amplifiers
for EMC testing
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
RF and Microwave power amplifiers,
instrumentation, accessories and software
CDN’s, LISNS, Current injection and monitoring probes
Antennas for RF and EMC testing
High Power RF & Microwave pulsed amplifiers
High power CW narrow band amplifiers
Lightning Generators
L3Harris Narda-STS
Full and Pre-compliant EMI Receivers,
Antenna’s, Fieldprobes, Amplifiers, EMC test systems
Rigol Technologies
Pre-compliant EMI Spectrum Analyzers, Near Field Probes, EMC Software
Antennas, LISN’s, CDN’s, Absorbing Clamps, Helmholtz Coils
Pre-Compliant EMC test equipment and accessories
Eurofins York Ltd.
(formerly York EMC Services Ltd.)

Comb and Noise Sources
Harmonics and Flicker generators


Cable & Antenna Analyzers,Spectrum Analyzers
Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs), Signal Generators etc
AR Modular RF
Amplifiers, Amplifier Modules,
Military Booster Amplifiers
AR RF & Microwave Instrumentation
RF and Microwave Amplifiers and Instrumenation
Barthel HF-Technik Boonton Electronics
RF and Microwave Power Meters and Sensors
High Power RF and Microwave Pulsed Amplifiers
Solid State TWTA replacements

L3Harris Narda-ATM
RF & Microwave Coaxial and Waveguide Components
L3Harris Narda-MITEQ
Active and Passive Microwave components
Field Strength Meters
Micro Wireless Lambda
YIG Oscillator, Synthesizers, Filters and Multipliers up to 50 GHz
Electronic Noise Generation Equipment
Noise Sources
Rigol Technologies
Spectrum Analyzers, RF Signal Generators
Tabor Electronics
High Speed Arbitrary Waveform Generators
High Power RF Calibration Systems
RF Power Sensor Calibration Systems
Microwave Calibration Standards
RF Accessories, Loads, Attenuators, Amplifiers
Transient Limiter, Test Cells, Shielded Tents
Teledyne LeCroy
High Bandwidth Oscilloscopes


ALGA Microwave
BUC, SSPA’s, HPA’s, Converters
for L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka bands
Advantech Wireless
-Satellite RF Converters, Amplifiers & BUCs
-Solid State Power Amplifiers (BUCs&SSPAs)
-Frequency Converters
-Test Loop Translators
-LNAs & LNBs
AR Modular RF
Military Booster Amplifiers

L3Harris Narda-ATM
Microwave RF Components-Coaxial Components
-Ka-Band Satcom Components
-Microwave Subsystem Components
-Space Qualified Microwave Components
-Waveguide RF Components
L3Harris Narda-MITEQ
Microwave RF Components and Subsystems-Active Components
-Passive Components
-SATCOM Products
-Spaceborne Products
-Integrated Microwave Assemblies and RF subsystems.
-Custom RF and Microwave designs


AE Techron
Precision Industrial Amplifier
Ametek Programmable Power
Programmable AC/DC Sources, DC Power Supplies, Electronic Loads and testing Harmonics & Flicker
Associated Power Technologies
Programmable AC Power Sources
Gustav Klein GmbH
Regenerative AC and DC Souce/Sink solutions
Bi-directional Battery Test systems
High precision Linear DC Power Supplies
Bipolar 4 Quadrant Power Supplies
Modular N+1 Redundant Power Supplies
NH Research
AC & DC Loads
Bi-directional AC Grid Simulators
Battery and charger Simulators up to 1200V
Rigol Technologies
Linear DC Power Supplies and
Electronic Loads
Zes Zimmer
High Accuracy Power Meters and Analyzers


Rigol Technologies
Budget Oscilloscopes
and Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
Teledyne LeCroy
Mid to High End Oscilloscope up to 100 GHz
Serial Data Analyzers
High Definition 12 Bits Oscilloscopes


Associated Research
Advanced Electrical Safety Instrumentation
and accessories
for compliance and production testing
SCI (Slaughter Company Inc.)
Advanced Electrical Safety Instrumentation
and accessories
for compliance and production testing


Ametek Programmable Power
Programmable AC and DC Power Supplies,
Electronic Loads, Solar Simulation
Associated Power Technologies
Programmable AC Power Sources
Test Instrumentation and sensores for RF and
Linear DC Power Supplies and Loads
Rigol Technologies
Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, Loads, DMM’s, AWG/Function Generators, Spectrum Analyzers
RF Signal Generators
Noise Generating equipment and components
Tabor Electronics
Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG’s)
Pulse Generators and Signal Amplifiers
MicroOhm Meters, RF & Microwave
Power Calibration Systems, Ratio Standards
Near Field Probes, RF Pre-amplifiers, Test cells, RF Loads, Attenuators, Adapers, Transient Limiters, Shielded Tent’s

Teledyne LeCroy Frontline

Bluetooth Protocol and PHY analyzers

Teledyne LeCroy Protocol Solutions Group

Protocol Analyzers for PCI Express, USB, SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel and more

Teledyne Test Tools

General Test & Measurement equipment, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, TDR Analyzers and more

Zes Zimmer

High Accuracy Power Analyzers, compliance test systems and related power related accessories