Pulsed EMI Combination Tester


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Compact Immunity Test System CCS600

The 3ctest CCS600 is a versatile pulsed EMI combination tester. Designed as a modular system the CCS600 offers a complete solution for performing full-compliant immunity tests against EFT, Surge, AC and DC Voltage dips, interruptions & variations, power frequency magnetic fields and pulsed magnetic fields.

The distinct operation features, convenient DUT connection facilities, clearly arranged menu structure and display philosophy as well as the pre-programmed standard test routines make testing easy, reliable and safe. Extendable by a variety of test accessories, the CCS600 is the best solution for fully compliant immunity test and used for three-phase applications up to 100A.



  • 5.7 inch/14.5cm color touch screen
  • Built-in multifunctional modular system
  • Internal single-phase CDN, ACDC 250V/16A
  • Data acquisition of surge voltage and current
  • optional external three-phase CDN up too 100 A
  • Ethernet, RJ45, PC remote control, test report documentation and print
  • Surge failure detection


Test capabilities

The CSS600 performs compliant test according to the following standards

  • IEC/EN61000-4-4  EFT Electrical fast transients
  • IEC/EN61000-4-5  Surge
  • IEC/EN61000-4-8  Power frequency frequency magnetic field
  • IEC/EN61000-4-9  Pulse magnetic field
  • IEC/EN61000-4-11   AC Voltage dips, interruptions & variations
  • IEC/EN61000-4-29  DC Voltage dips, interruptions & variations


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