Surge Simulator

Surge Simulator per EN61000-4-5

pdf 3Ctest CWS 600T Datasheet

CWS600 Combination Wave/Surge Simulator as per IEC/EN61000-4-5

Surge pulses occur due to direct or indirect lighting strokes to an external circuit. This leads to currents or electromagnetic fields causing high voltage or current transients. Another source for surge pulses is switching transients originating from switching disturbances and system faults. Nearly every electrical and electronic device may suffer from such surge pulses.

The 3ctest CWS600 Surge simulator fully complies with IEC/EN61000-4-5. Optionally the tester can be equipped to perform power frequency magnetic field immunity test as per IEC/EN61000-4-9 as well.


  • 5.7 inch color touch screen
  • Surge voltage 6kV, surge current 3kA
  • Internal single phase CDN 250VAC/16A, 110VDC/16A
  • Voltage /current monitors
  • Surge failure detection
  • External three phase CDN
  • With magnetic field, antenna to comply with IEC/EN61000-4-9
  • Ethernet, RJ45
  • PC remote control, test report documentation and print


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