TIS700 Transient Pulse Disturbance

TIS700 Transient Pulse Disturbance Generator

EFT/Burst, micro pulse generator with internal coupling network for automotive transient testing

The TIS700 series for automotive transient unifies the capabilities of an EFT/Burst simulator, a micro pulse simulator and the required coupling network into one box. The TIS700 series are equipped to meet all international and car manufacturer specifications. The current of built-in coupling network ranges up to 100Adepending on the model. The built-in coupling network can be used and controlled by any unit of the LDS200 series, APG series and APS series. For tests beyond standard’s requirements the waveform parameters of the micro pulse generator can be varied in a wide range by means of the freestyle mode.



  • 5.7 inch color touch screen
  • Built-in EFT/Burst generator module
  • Built-in micro pulse generator module, as per ISO 7637, JASO, SAE and NISSAN
  • Built-in coupling network 60V, up to 100A
  • With the function of current detection and over current protection
  • Emergency stop
  • Built-in battery switch
  • Ethernet, RJ45 connector, PC control and test report documentation and print


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