AE Techron

7224 Front Panel - Left Angle

Precision Industrial Amplifiers

AE Techron developes and manufacures precision industrial amplifiers for Research, Medical, Industrial and Military applications.The focus is on quick to market development of power conversion and amplifier systems for difficult environments.

AE Techron offers a series of standard amplifiers and building blocks to be able to supply fast solution for demanding applications.

7220 Series
Audio-bandwidth linear power amplifiers
for EMC testing-Up to 1000 Arms
-Small Signal Response up to 1 MHz
-Parallel up to 4 x current
-Series up to 3 x voltage

Industrial amplifier for pulse or continuous duty-Up to 100 Apk /195 Vpk
-DC – 100 kHz
-Parallel for 4 x current
7700 Serie
Audio-bandwidth linear power amplifiers
for EMC testing-5000 Watts RMS
-Up to 100 Vrms / 100 Vrms
-DC – 250 kHz small signal response
New 7100 Series Soon Available
Up to 900 VA
DC up top 150 kHz
Single Phase
Magnetic Field Susceptibility Transformer

  • Up to 100 ARMS secondary current
  • Provides up to 300 A-m
  • Ten-to-one step-down
Low-Frequency Conducted Susceptibility Transformer

  • Frequency response: 10 Hz to 250 kHz
  • Up to 200W audio power
  • Up to 40 Ap AC or DC secondary current
  • Two-to-one step-down
Electric Field Susceptibility Transformer

  • Up to 3700VRMS
  • Robust design: withstand tested to 5,000 VDC
  • 1-to-37 step-up
  • Frequency range: 250 Hz to 35 kHz
Audio-Bandwidth Standards Waveform Generator

  • Frequency range: DC to 300 kHz
  • Minimum waveform duration: 50 µs
  • Maximum waveform duration: 1193 hours
  • Waveforms supported: sine, ripple, DC, triangle, square, sawtooth
  • Waveform modifiers: amplitude, frequency and DC offset (fixed or linear, logarithmic** or exponential sweep); phase angle; duration
  • Waveform controls: trigger, fixed loop, variable loop, template playback, GIPO output, LAN output
DSR100 Series
Conducted Immunity Test System
Dropout, Surge, Ripple Simulator and AC/DC Voltage Source

  • 4-Quadrant – Can source and sink current
  • ± 80V – DC supply for 12V to 48V systems; meets 80V surge requirements
  • 300 kHz Sine – DC ripple tests for all major standards
  • 3 µS Rise Time – Exceeds surge and dropout slew rate requirements
  • 3 mΩ DC Source Impedance – Out-performs ISO 7637-2 requirements