3110 DC-300 kHz EMC Standards Waveform Generator

AE Techron 3130 DC-300 KHz EMC Standards Waveform Generator

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AE Techron DC-300 kHz EMC Standards Waveform Generator

The AE Techron 3110 is a powerful, yet simple-to-use, audio-bandwidth standards waveform generator. It includes everything you need to generate waveforms right out of the box.

The instrument comes pre-loaded with an extensive library of tests. It can be combined with other AE Techron products, such as our amplifiers and coupling transformers, to create powerful and intelligent EMC test solutions.

The intuitive, “drag and drop” user interface makes it easy to modify the built in tests or create new ones. Powerful control options such as “trigger” and “loop” allow even the most complicated test to be entered easily and quickly.

The 3110 can be used as a free-standing test system, or connected to an Ethernet network and controlled remotely.


Build a Smart Test System

Combine the 3110 with our 7224, 7548 or 7796 amplifiers and create an intelligent, modular test system. The 3110 communicates with these amplifiers and can halt testing if a fault occurs. This can save time and prevent potential equipment damage.

When used for automotive testing, system capabilities include 13.5 Vdc with a surge potential of up to 100 V, or continuous power ratings from 15 A to 240 Adc. For aviation testing, system capabilities include 14 Vdc/28 Vdc or 115 Vac/230 Vac with surge voltages up to 360 Vac.


Key System Features

  • The 3110 monitors AE Techron 7000 series amplifier status and will automatically abort a test if a fault condition occurs.
  • Output voltages are entered into the 3110 which automatically scales its output to achieve the requested voltage at the output of the amplifier.
  • The 3110 has provisions for system (3110 + amplifier) DC offset and gain correction.

Modular construction allows you to create a system with the voltage and current needed. If, at some point in the future, test requirements change, you are able to add to or change the system as needed.


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