AC Power Sources



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Programmable AC Power Sources for every application

Ametek Programmable Power offers a complete range programmable AC Power Sources ranging from 800 VA to over 1 MVA.

With brand names California Instruments and Elgar Ametek Programmable Power is leading supplier of programmable AC Power Sources.



Main applications include, amongst others

  • Line disturbance simulation
  • Product verification
  • Harmonics & flicker testing
  • Avionics testing
  • Smart grid
  • Solar Inverter testing
  • R&D and QA


Models and Product Selector

Please refer to the table below or contact us if you have any questions or need help selecting the best solution for your application.


Model Voltage Current Power Overview



200-400 Vac
250-500 Vdc
1.5-180 A 500-36000 VA High Performance AC/DC Power Sources
i and iX series II 150-300 V 0-120 A 3000-15000 VA AC/DC power source with a high performance
power analyzer
Ls/Lx series 156-312 V 0-50 A 3-18 kVA Three phase and Single phase AC power source
CSW series 156-312 V 8-288 A 5.5 – 33.3 kVA High Performance Programmable AC and
DC Power Source
BPS series 150-400 V 0-400 A 30-180 kVA High Power Programmable AC Source for frequency conversion
and product test.
MX series 150-600 V 0-160 A 15-135 kVA high levels of AC/DC power in a compact floor
standing cabinet
RS series 150-400 V 0-1500 A 90 kVA-1 MVA High power AC and DC Power Source
Current Sources
CS series 0-270 A 44-177 A 3-18 kVA Programmable high power AC current source