DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies


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DC Power Supplies for a wide range of applications

Ametek Programmable Power offers several ranges of Programmable DC power supplies. Under the brand name Sorensen power supplies are available from 30 Watt up to 320 kWatt and voltage ranging from 5 up to 1000 Volts.

Models are available with output voltage from 0-5 Vdc up to 0-1000 Vdc. Most Sorensen DC Power Supplies both in constant voltage and constant current mode with automatic crossover. Some models offer have a constant power mode. Most power supplies can be operated in parallel or series master slave configuration to achieve higher current or higher voltages.

We offer a wide range DC power supplies with the precision and features to meet your specific test requirements.



Please refer to the table below or contact us if you have any questions or need help selecting the best solution for your application.


Model Voltage Current Power Description
DLM600 series  5-300 V  2-75 A  375-600 W  1/2 Rack Programmable DC Power Supplies
XG850 series  6-600 V  1-110 A  670-850 W  Full & 1/2 Rack Programmable DC Power Supplies
XG1500 series  6-600 V  2-187 A  1500-1560 W  1500 Watt, 1U Programmable DC Power Supplies
XG1700 series  6-600 V  2-220 A  1330-1710 W  1700 Watt, 1U Programmable DC Power Supplies
DLM series 5-600 V 5-450 A 3-4 kW Programmable DC Power Supplies
SG series 10-1000 V 5-6000 A 4-150 kW High Power Modular DC Power Supplies
NEW Asterion series 40-60 V 0-125 A 1700-5000 W High Performance Programmable DC Power Supply
SGX series 10-1000 V 5-6000 A 4-150 kW Precision High Power DC Power Supply with Touch Display
SFA series 60-160 V 31-500 A 5-30 kW High Slew Rate Current Source
ASD series  40-60 V  167-8000 A  10-320 kW  Programmable Precision High Power DC Supply
DC Bench DC Power Supplies
XPL series 18-56V 1-3A 30-125W Economical and compact bench top power supply
XEL series 15-250V 0-6A 75-180W User-friendly 90 & 180 Watt linear bench top Supply
XDL series 35-56V 1-5A 105-215W Digitally-controlled benchtop power supply
XBT series 15-32V 3-5A 0-222W True triple output digital benchtop power supply
XPF series 35-60V 10-20A 175-840W Bench top power supply featuring dual isolated outputs.
XPH series 18-150V 1-10A 175-420W Compact, high performance low cost power supply
XPD series 8-120V 5-67A 0-500W 1/4 Rack Programmable DC Power Supplies