EMC Antennas

EMC antennas

AR RF Microwave antennas


 Wide choice of EMC Antennas

AR RF/Microwave can supply proper EMC Antennas required for any EMC test procedure. We deliver a complete range of robust, high-power  antennas, tuned to the frequency ranges of the AR amplifiers. That makes it very easy to select the best antenna matching your application.

AR provides Broadband Log Period Antennas, High Gain and Microwave Horn Antennas, E-Field Generators, broad band transmission lines and accessories like tripods and stands. Applications include RF radiated immunity testing and RF radiated emission measurements.



AR has the following models available. Download the Antenna brochure for a complete overview.

• Broadband logs, in different frequency ranges covering 26 MHz – 10.5 GHz
• High Gain RF-Horns, several models from 200 MHz up to 1 GHz to 800 V/m
• Microwave horn antennas, 200 MHz – 50 GHz
• E-field generators,10 kHz to 100 MHz, up to 1000 V/m
• Broadband Transmission Line, 10 kHz – 100 MHz, up to 500 V/s
• Tripods and adapters


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