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A New Paradigm In Laser Powered Field Analyzers

The FA7000 series of Field Analyzers represent a new patent-pending approach to more accurately measure modulated electric fields as well as CW electric fields . This innovative approach uses an isotropic field sensor to sample the composite field and transmit its amplitude digitally over optical fiber to a processor unit . The sample rate of the FA7000 Field Analyzer is 1 .5 million samples per second – significantly faster than conventional RF field probes – enabling them to accurately measure pulsed electric fields in the microsecond range .

Each of the FA7000 series analyzer kits provides a web-based, oscilloscope-type display of the instantaneous electric field strength (V/m over time) and calculates the minimum, maximum, and average field strength of the waveform as displayed . Each kit consists of an isotropic field sensor, glass fiber-optic cabling, and a processor unit . The processor unit stores all of the necessary amplitude corrections for its associated field sensor.

FA7000 Correction factors for many frequencies are provided with each kit . These factors can be loaded into the processor unit to automatically correct the field readings at userspecified frequencies . When correction factors are applied, the true accuracy of this device is realized.




Starprobe® Laser Powered Probes Cover The Broadest Frequency Range – 5 kHz to 60 GHz

AR has designed & manufactured a highly-advanced line of field monitoring equipment. These E-field laser probes contain an internal microprocessor that enables them to “think” for themselves and adapt to their environment. This provides optimal linearization, temperature compensation, control, and communication functions. And because they’re laser-powered, you never have to replace or recharge batteries. Ruggedized antenna cones and fiber optic cables provide unequaled reliability.




Model FM7004A is an E- and H- field control center that offers monitoring, display, and alarm capabilities for immunity-test environments. Exceptionally precise with auto-recognition to adapt to laser or battery-powered probes. The FM7004A is self-calibrating and is programmed to be self-correcting. The unit allows field-strength measurement at up to four probe locations simultaneously with results displayed on a back-lit color LCD. Choose from 10 field probes with sensitivity from 0.4 to 1000 V/m, 0.012 – 17A/m, and frequency response from 5 kHz to 60 GHz. A new feature provides the ability to internally apply correction factors to field probe readings. Up to 4 tables of correction factors containing up to 30 different frequency points can be stored in the FM7004A. From the menu-controlled front panel, call up composite field readings from E- or H-field probes, including a laser powered E-field probe, or choose readings from each axis of a three-axis probe. The FM7004A field monitor provides four digital interfaces (USB, GPIB, RS-232 and Ethernet) and a highly readable user configurable, graphic, liquid crystal display. Menu options are at your disposal. Communication from the chamber to the FM7004A is through fiber optic cables.

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