Safety Products Software


ARLinkwARe & the SM40G

Download the ARLinkwARe software here for the SM40G meter.

The ARLinkwARe software supplied with the SM40G allows the user to:

  • Operate the SM40G unit remotely using a PC connected via a fiber optic cable. This reduces the disturbance caused by human presence in the area where the sensor head is located.
  • Download stored data, graphics, and tabular reports of the acquired readings from the SM40G and export the data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
  • Highlight a portion of the graph and automatically focus on the corresponding readings or measurements within that area or period of the monitoring activity.



ARwavewARe & the SM400K

Download the ARwavewARe software here for the SM400K meter.

The ARwavewARe Software software application allows the user to analyze the recorded data in both time domain and frequency domain and provides real time processing and post processing capabilities.

During the real-time processing, the oscilloscope function captures the signal in automatic or manual mode using a special trigger. The signals displayed can then be controlled or managed by way of a pan/zoom control.

The measurements are more easily interpreted by the use of a marker function which simultaneously provides the value of the level and frequency/ time.

The same concept applies in the frequency domain where the user can insert the various masks of the curves required by the safety standards for the purpose of comparison.

The ARwavewARe software allows the selection of four indexes: the weighted peak WP10, the index IB50, 1198 and IRSS.

The readings always reported include: The average RMS, the RMS average normalized with respect to the frequency limit predominant (IRMS), the maximum and minimum value, the frequency with the highest spectral content. (Fmax).

A special command allows the user to filter spectral content in the frequency domain, eliminating those that have a value of less than 10%, which is indicated below the red threshold line. This function is specifically requested by CEl EN 50500. All information displayed can be exported either as images or as tabulated data.

The ARwavewARe software application can be installed on systems running Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, both 32 and 64 bit.