4540 Peak Power Meter




Boonton’s versatile 4541 (1 Ch) and 4542 (2 Ch) combined Peak / Average Power and Voltage meters are leading edge instruments for most accurate RF measurements. Features like high dynamic range, rise time of less than 7ns and an effective time resolution of 200 ps provide the greatest detail in signal waveform analysis. These meters are the instruments of choice for capturing, displaying and analyzing RF power in both the time and statistical domains.

Applications include pulsed RF signals such as RADAR, MRI particle accelerators, pseudorandom or noise-like signals such as CDMA, WLAN and WiMAX, LTE, UMTS. The high dynamic range and very fast sampling rate make the 4540 series also ideal to measure RF telecommunication amplifiers.

Both Boonton 4541 and 4542 Power meters, have built in step calibrators for highest accuracy allowing calibrating sensors over their full range right before the measurement. A wide range of power sensors and voltage probes is available for these instruments.

  • Frequency range 9.9kHz to 40 GHz
  • Peak power range: -50 to +20 dBm
  • Average power range: -70 to +44 dBm
  • Video bandwidth: 70 MHz
  • Effective time resolution: 200 ps
  • Effective sampling rate 5 GS/sec
  • Fast statistical analysis including CCDF

4541 RF Power Meter, single channel, front panel input
4542 RF Power Meter, dual channel, front panel inputs
-02 Rear sensor inputs
-03 Calibrator, Rear Panel Output
-30 Warranty extended to 3 years
95403001A 19” Rack Mount Kit
95006201A Transit case, holds the 4540 Series and up to 4 sensors

Principles of RF Power Measurement

A primer on RF and Microwave Power measurements

RF Power measurement techniques have evolved considerably since the earliest days of wireless. “Principles of RF Power Measurements” provides the reader an in depth guide to key methodologies for measuring CW, average and peak RF power signals using thermistor, diode detector, RF receiver-based, direct RF sampling, and monolithic IC techniques.

Boonton 2018 Catalog

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