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Eurofins York Ltd.  (formerly York EMC Services Ltd.)

Eurofins York is an independent organization with over 25 years experience providing EMC test verification instrumentation and related EMC services.


EMC Test Verification Equipment

Eurofins York  provides a range of Reference Noise and Signal Sources that are used to verify EMC test and measurement set ups and ensure the validity of test results. By measuring and comparing a know stable source  EMC setups can be verified and qualified. This can be done by either a broadband noise source or a broadband generator that provides repetitive spectral peaks in the frequency domain.

The Eurofins York Comparison Noise Emitters provide very precise broadband noise up to 6 GHz for conducted and/or radiated EMC test setup verification or comparison. In addition its Comb Generator Emitters provide very stable broadband spectral peak patterns op to 40 GHz also used for verification of conducted and radiated EMC test setups with lower frequency resolution but up to higher frequency. Lastly York offers a combination of both, the Dual Comb Noise Emitters that generated both broadband noise and broadband spectral peaks.

All Noise and Comb emitters are battery operated and are compact and portable. This allows the generators to be used not only on Open Area Test Sites (OATS), Fully and Semi Anechoic Chambers but also in smaller GTEM cells.

Next to its generators Eurofins York provides also miscellaneous EMC equipment such as an active emission antenna, Harmonics and Flicker Generator and a cable coupling clamp for measuring shielding properties of cables.



Eurofins York offers the following EMC verification products: