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Eurofins York Comparison Noise Emitters

Comparison Noise Emitters (CNEs) are designed and manufactured by Eurofins York and sold Globally for the verification of test and measurement setups and to ensure validity of EMC and RF laboratory tests.

They Eurofins York Comparison Noise Emitters provide a wide range of test options without the necessity for purchasing and maintaining multiple instruments.


Comparison Noise Emmiters (CNE) Features

  • Continuous broadband output; full spectrum measurements & analysis
  • Stable output: giving repeatable measurements over time
  • 30 HZ to 6 GHz output (model dependent); applications across a broad frequency
  • Compact and portable; comparisons between sites and environments
  • Battery powered; no power it interconnecting cable effects on measurements
  • Low cost; affordable confidence in measurement system results





The Eurofins York Comparison Noise Emitters are used for the following applications:


  • Validation and verification of radiated and conducted measurement systems, such as:
    • Open Area Test Sites (OATS)
    • Fully Anechoic Rooms (FAR)
    • Semi-Anechoic Chambers (SAC)
    • Gigahertz Transverse ElectroMagnetic (GTEM) cells
    • Line Impedance Stabilisation Network (LISN)
    • Impedance Stabilisation Network (ISN)
  • Reference source for:
    • Daily pre-test verification checks as required by the accreditation authorities e.g. ISO 17025, DEFSTAN 59-411
    • Long-term performance monitoring
    • Cable position investigation
    • Investigation of screened room behaviour
    • Characterisation of filter performance
    • Cable loss measurements
  • Measuring amplifier gain and bandwidth
  • Spectrum analyser / receiver pre-check
  • Investigation, characterisation and comparison of different measurement environments such as OATS, FAR or SAC
  • Inter-laboratory test programs
  • Proficiency test programs


Available models Comparison Noise Emitters


Model Description
CNE VI 30 Hz – 6 GHz Comparison Noise Emitter
CNEV V+ 9 kHz – 3.5 GHz Comparison Noise Emitter
CNEV V 9 kHz – 1 GHz Comparison Noise Emitter


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