EM Injection Clamps

EM Injection Clamps

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EM Injection Clamps

Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. offers clamp-on and fixed-aperture EM Injection Clamps, which offer unique benefits compared to conventional EM Injection Clamps.

Electromagnetic EM Injection clamps are high efficiency broadband clamp-on injection devices developed to test the immunity of electronic equipment when the standard IEC 1000-4-6 CDN using the direct capacitive coupling technique is not possible nor appropriate. The EM injection clamp is often used to test unshielded multiple conductor cables. The figure above shows a typical test setup using the EM Clamp and a ferrite tube decoupling network.



Input Power
Dimensions (mm)
10kHz – 1GHz: 100 watts CW (15 min)
23 mm
610 x 75 x 135
10kHz – 1GHz: 100 watts CW (30 min)
32 mm
610 x 105 x 190

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