MVG-EMC Absorbers and Chambers – made to last

Our supplier MVG-EMC brings together the strengths of two industry leaders serving the RF and EMC communities for over 30 years. Advanced Electro Magnetics, Inc. (AEMI) and Rainford EMC Systems joined forces in 2012 to create the MVG-EMC brand. Together they offer the best technology in absorbing materials and shielding for anechoic and EMC chambers worldwide.

We provide high performance modular shielding and absorbing materials for use in anechoic chambers. These facilities are test environments for electromagnetic interference control (EMI), compatibility (EMC), radar cross section (RCS) and general purpose antenna measurement capabilities.  We have completed hundreds of chamber projects throughout the world.

From a wide range of standard to specifically tailored absorbers and chambers, we are able to respond to any customer requirement.  AEMI and REMC branded MVG-EMC provides project management, shielded enclosures, installation, and state-of-the-art testing of finished facilities and new products in development allowing our customers to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market.  We recognize that with increasing legislation and safety standards, it isn’t a simple task bringing existing and new products to market. That is why we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to bring them the best fit solution both technically and financially.

We support the Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Electronics and EMC industries as well as Academic and Research Institutes.


Products Include