NH Research 4600 Series AC Electronic Load

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The NH Research 4600 Series AC Electronic Load is designed for test applications that require linear and non-linear AC loading in several emulation modes with Power and Crest Factor control. This programmable versatility allows testing with a wide variety of potential field operating conditions to assure DUT reliability. Products tested include UPS, AC sources, inverters, switches, circuit breakers, fuses and connectors.


Emulation Modes

To provide testing under the broadest range of loading conditions, the AC Electronic Load offers 7 different emulation modes. Constant Current (CC) mode provides current to be drawn constantly, making it suitable for non-linear, linear and regulation loading. While Constant Resistance (CR) mode allows the electronic load to emulate a power resistor, Constant Voltage allows emulating a shunt regulator. Constant Power mode emulates a constant-power load such as a switching power supply. The Short Circuit (SC) mode allows the electronic load to test the DUT’s short circuit protection capability. Unity Power Factor mode causes power factor to be as close as possible to unity, useful when the input voltage is non-sinusoidal. The new Complex Non-Linear Waveform Mode allows the user to define the waveform to prevent DUT current over-stressing in the event of a voltage collapse. These comprehensive capabilities provide the user almost every conceivable AC loading condition.


High Accuracy Measurements

The 4600 AC Electronic Load series provides high-accuracy frequency, voltage, peak voltage, current, peak current, crest factor, apparent power, true power, peak power, reactive power, power factor and resistance measurements by combining high-resolution measurements with precision ranging. The ability to make internal measurements eliminates multiple external measurement instruments resulting plus associates signal matrixing. In this manner the 4600 series provides for a more compact, less costly and considerable faster test system.


Main Features 4600 Series Electronic AC Loads

  • 6 sizes – 3 to 36 kW, 30 – 360 A, 50 – 350 V
  • Single and 3-phase configurations
  • 12 high-accuracy internal measurements
  • 100-step macro for per cycle loading changes
  • User-defined waveforms
  • CC, CR, CV, CP, SC, UPF and CNL emulation modes
  • Programmable crest factor and power factor
  • PC control using Lab VIEW and IVI drivers
  • LAN, RS232, USB communication interface
  • PC softpanel GUI with current, voltage & power waveform display
  • True short circuit operation


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