NH Research 4300 Series Modular DC Electronic Load

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The NH Research 4300 Modular DC Electronic Load series combine an advanced electronic load with the latest digitizing circuits that record both voltage and current waveforms. Once digitized, that information can be quickly processed to calculate an exceptionally wide range of precision measurements. This technique typically eliminates separate, single-function measurement instruments such as a DMM, DSO, MUX, and related cabling. In addition to greatly simplifying tester design, the tester-per-load functionality provides simultaneous testing on all loads, thereby significantly improving test speed and tester throughput.


Ultimate Configuration flexibility

As a result of designing all 3 sizes of DC electronic loads to utilize a common-sized, 16-slot mainframe containing Models 4312 and 4350 loads, a new level of configuration flexibility is achieved. There are now 25 different combinations possible. Should the initial DC Electronic Load selection even need an updating, physically changing the configuration can be accomplished by convenient front-chassis-access or virtually through software paralleling of the existing loads.

From 16 of the 150 W loads to 4 of the 600 W loads or any combination in between, meeting a very variety of DUT loading demands within the 2400 W mainframe rating has never been easier.


Extended Internal Measurements

In almost every test application the 4300 loads series eliminate the requirements for instruments to capture timing, power and other dynamic measurements during DUT turn-on and turn-off. This is accomplished by incorporating the task essential features of a DMM, DSO, transient recorder and power meter on each load. With this build in capability this 4300 series can rapidly generate engineering-characterization like test information at lighting test speeds. In addition, there is a significant cost saving by eliminating all single function measurement instruments along with related cabling and switches.


Macro Mode

The macro mode provides programming a sequence of up to 1000 settings including the slew rate and time between settings. It also allows for mixing load modes within the same Macro. With this flexibility is the user able to more accurately synthesize a wide range of complex waveforms that replicate the real-world conditions the DUT will encounter.


Digital Power Analyzer

The benefit of the Power Analyzer is that it provides precision DUT input measurements on each tester channel. In this manner a bulk AC and DC source can provide the power for all DUT´s, while the power analyzer in combinations with the loads makes critical input-to-output measurements such as efficiency.


 Main features 4300 Series Electronic DC loads

  • 2400 Watt, 16 Slot Full Mainframe
  • 150/300/600 W
  • 120/ 500 V
  • 3 voltage en current ranges
  • Front Connect and front Loaded
  • 2 Isolated Channels with 16 Bits, 1 MS/s digitizers per load
  • 2 Isolated Digital inputs per load
  • 20 MHz pp Noise Measurements
  • Solar PV panel with MPPT Mode
  • LED Driver test with precise VI curves
  • PC/LAN control with LabVIEW and other IVI Compliant languages


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