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Rigol Technologies – Affordable Test & Measurement Equipment

Rigol Technologies (Beijing, China) is a rapidly growing Test and Measurement Supplier with focus on innovative, affordable quality instruments for the test and measurement market in general and the educational market in particular. The Rigol line of products includes Digital Oscilloscopes, Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, Digital Multimeters, DC Power, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, RF Signal generators and Data Acquisition Systems. All Rigol Technologies products are delivered with 3 Years Extended Warranty.

 RIGOL Product Catalog 2019

DS6000 Series
600 MHz – 1 GHz
2 or 4 analog channels
NEW DS7000 Serie
100 MHz – 500 MHz
4 analog channels + 16 digital channels (MSO)
Up to 10 Gs/s and 500 Mpts memory
NEW MSO5000 Series
70- 350 MHz
2/4 analog + 16 digital channels (MSO)
Up to 8 Gs/s and 200 Mpts memory
MSO/DS4000 Series
100 – 500 MHz
2 or 4 analog + 16 digital channels (MSO)
MSO/DS2000A/E Series
70-300 MHz
2 analog + 16 digital channels (MSO)
MSO/DS1000Z Series
50 – 200 MHz
4 analog + 16 digital channels (MSO)
50-100 MHz
2 analog+16 digital channels (D)
4 analog channels 70-200 MHz (B)
Passive and Active Probes
Real time Spectrum Analyzers
3.2 GHz to 6.5 GHz
40 MHz real time BW
7.5 us 100% POI
Real time Spectrum Analyzers
3 GHz  to 4.5 GHz
25 or 40 MHz  real time BW
7.5 us 100% POI
New EMI Measurement Application
Embedded EMI & EMC application for pre-compliant EMC testing and debugging. Available on RSA3000 and RSA5000
Performance Spectrum Analyzers
1.5 GHz to 7.5 GHz
with tracking generators, Preamps, EMI, VSWR, and more options
Entry Level Spectrum Analyzers
500 MHz and 1 GHz
EMC Pre-compliant solutions
EMI pre-compliant test solution for DSA800 series
High Performance RF signal generator
3 and 6 GHz, IQ baseband, OCXO timebase
RF Signal generator
1.5 and 3 GHz
High Speed AWG/Waveform generator
1 or 2 Channel, 70-350 MHz, 128 Mpts
AWG/Waveform generator with large display
2 Channel, 60-200 MHz, 16 kpts
AWG/Waveform generator
2 Channel, 25-60 MHz, 16 Mpts
AWG/Waveform generator
2 Channel, 20 MHz
New DG800
AWG/Waveform generators
1 or 2 Channel, 10 – 35 MHz, 8 Mpts
New DG900
AWG/Waveform generators
2 Channel, 50-100 MHz, 16 Mpts
Linear Power Supplies
140 to 200 Watt, 1 to 3 channel models
Entry Level Linear DC Power Supplies
150 Watt, 30V/5A or 50V/3A model
DC Electronic Loads
Up to 350 Watt, 150V and 60A
Max 5 A/us slew rate
Digital Multimeters
5.5 % 6.5 Digit
Modular Data Acquisition system
6.5 digit DMM, 5 slots mainframe


pdf Rigol Pricelist
pdf RIGOL Product Catalog 2019



MSO/DS2000 Oscilloscope
Free option bundle
Purchase any new DS2000A, DS2000E, or MSO2000A instrument and receive a free DS2000-BND bundle option.
This bundle option unlocks:

  • Long Record Length
  • Advanced Triggering
  • Serial Decode
  • Record Mode

Offer extended  until 30 September 2019

MSO/DS7000 Oscilloscope
Free option bundle / New Free BW Upgrade
New Buy a new Rigol DS/MSO-7024 or -7034  Scope and get Free BW upgrade:

  • DS7000-BW2T3,  from 200 MHz to 350MHz bandwidth
  • DS7000-BW3T5,  from 350 MHz to 500 MHz bandwidth

Valid until 30 September

Purchase any MSO/DS7000 oscilloscope and receive free DS7000-BND applications bundle:

  • RS232/UART Protocol Trigger and Analysis
  • I2C and SPI Protocol Trigger and Analysis
  • CAN and LIN Protocol Trigger and Analysis
  • FlexRay Protocol Trigger and Analysis
  • I2S Protocol Trigger and Analysis
  • MIL-STD-1553 Protocol Trigger and Analysis
  • Power Analysis Measurement
  • Dual-channel 25 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator (only for MSO model)
  • Power Analysis Measurements

Offer extended  until 30 September 2019

RSA3000 RT Spectrum Analyzer
New Free EMI Application package for Pre-compliance EMC testing
New Purchase any RSA3000 Real-time Spectrum Analyzer and receive a RSA3000-EMI Application Package.

  • RSA3000-EMI – PreCompliance application “build-in” tool for free!

Offer valid until 30 September 2019