Tabor SE5082



Signal Expert Series Datasheet


The new Signal Expert Series SE5082 offers single and dual channel models with 5GS/s 12-it clock and up to 64M of waveform memory. This sets new standards for high speed arbitrary waveform generators. With an analog bandwidth of nearly 7 GHz, the new Signal Expert Series can reach frequencies much higher than its sampling rate. Combining this vast analog bandwidth with multi Nyquist zone operation the Signal Expert Series is capable of solving applications well beyond baseband and into the microwave frequencies. With exceptional spectral purity, extremely fast rise and fall time, advanced arbitrary, sequencing and triggering capabilities the new Signal Expert series addresses applications both in the time and frequency domain.



  • 5 Gs/s, 12 bit single, dual or four channel waveform generators
  • Extra wide analog bandwidth up to 7 GHz
  • Extremely fast rise and fall time of under 150 ps
  • Multi-Nyquist zone operation capability, up to the 4th Nyquist zone
  • Independent or synchronized channels with 10ps inter channel skew resolution
  • Up to 64M of waveform memory
  • Various output amplifier modules utilized to solve numerous applications in different domains
  • Smart trigger enables trigger hold-off, detect, wait, abort and restart
  • Advanced sequencer for step, loop, nest and jumps scenarios
  • Built-in fast dynamic segments and sequences hop control
  • Two programmable markers (positions, width and levels) per channel
  • Multi instrument synchronization


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