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Tabor PulseMaster

The Pulse Master is a Series of Single and Dual Channel Pulse/Waveform Generators that offers a complete array of pulse, standard, arbitrary, sequenced and modulated waveforms with unmatched performance, even compared to instruments designed to generate fewer types of signals. Its smart, compact, 2U 1/2 rack-width footprint allows designers and manufacturers to conserve substantial benchtop or rack space, while benefiting from high-performance, bandwidth, signal integrity, and reliability with the flexibility to adapt to a full spectrum of applications making the Pulse Master an important laboratory tool, both now and for many years to come.



  • 50 MHz Single or Dual Channel Pulse / Pattern generator
  • 100 MHz Function Generator for standard waveforms
  • 250 MS/s, 16Bit Arbitrary Waveform / Sequence Generator
  • 16-bit Digital Pattern Generator with programmable level
  • 10ps pulse resolution with 4ns transition time (3ns typical)
  • 32Vp-p into open circuit with programmable impedance
  • Internal AM, FM, FSK, ASK, PSK, PWM and sweep
  • External pulse width control
  • Waveforms transfer and storage through USB/CD/DVD
  • Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces
  • “Drop-in” Emulators for: Agilent 81101, Fluke 80/1, HP8116, HP8112, HP8160, HP8165, LeCroy LW410/420, Tabor 8500 and 8550/1


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