PXI/PCI Waveform Generators

PCI / PXI Waveform Generators

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PC-based instruments are gaining vast momentum in the industry. Tabor’s design is based on a very high level of integration, allowing it to implement its unique AWG technology in this platform easily. Being the bench models replica, the 5000 series set new standards in the PXI, cPXI and PCI class. It combines two technologies, making use of the best qualities from each of the types of generators allowing it to create complex waveforms, on one hand, and generating all the standard functions and modulation formats, on the other.



  • Sample rates to 2.3 Gs/s
  • Amplitude spans to 10 Vp-p
  • Phase noise down to 130 dBc/Hz
  • AM, FM, FSK, PSK and sweep modulation
  • Memory length to 2 Meg
  • Memory segmentation and sequenced operation
  • Multi-instrument synchronization


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