Danisense Current Transducers


Danisense Current Transducers

Zes Zimmer complement its Power Analyzers with the Danisense DS series Current transducers. The DS series are high accuracy Current transducers that are build in a ruggedized aluminum housing for optimal shielding against external noise and optimal cooling.

Model Model Description Accuracy
DS2000 DS200_zes_w_400 200 A Current Transducer, 1 MHz 0.01%
DS600 DS200_zes_w_400 600 A Currenr Transducer, 100 kHz 0.01%
DS2000 DS200_zes_w_400 2000 A Current Transducer, 100 kHz 0.01%
DS5000 DS5000_zes_w_400 5000 A AC / 8000 A DC Current Transducer, 100 kHz 0.01%
DSSIU-4 DSSIU-4_zes_w_400 Power Supply Unit, Drives up to 4 x DS transducers N.a.


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