LMG610 1-Channel Power Analyzer


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Single Channel Precision Power Analyzer with Touch Screen

The LMG610 is the latest addition to the Zes Zimmer LMG600 series Precision Power Analyzers with Dual Path Technology. The LMG610 is the single channel variant including all of the breakthrough innovations of the 1-7 Channel LMG670 and 1-4 Channel LMG640, housed in a compact desktop design with touch screen.


DualPath Technology – Simultaneous Narrow- and Broad Band Measurements

In traditional power analyzers the input low pass filter is a compromise between risk of aliasing and loss of high frequency components in the power spectrum. For PWM applications like motor drives, high frequencies contribute significantly to the RMS values. At the same time mechanical power is measured in the fundamental frequencies. With DualPath technology it is possible to measure wide band and filtered simultaneously. The great advantage is that even in changing conditions (even if they are subtle), the values are always from the same time-scale and can be compared in the same accuracy level as the instrument accuracy. This is a unique capability that can not be achieved using conventional (software) filters without sacrificing the accuracy in a high degree.

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Key Features

  • Single Channel Precision Power Meter
  • Large and clearly arranged touchscreen GUI for intuitive handling
  • Direct measurement up to 1000 Vrms and 32 Arms
  • Analog bandwidth DC up to 10 MHz
  • 3 different models available for different applications:
    • LMG610-A1 : 0.025 % accuracy, up to 10 MHz (DualPath)
    • LMG610-B1 : 0.07 % accuracy, up to 500 kHz (DualPath)
    • LMG610-C1  : 0.04 % accuracy, up to 10 kHz
  • Gapless sampling up to 18 bit and a minimal cycle time of 30 ms
  • Delay time between V and I input < 3ns
  • Standard USB2.0, LAN, RS232 interface (optional CAN)
  • Optional CE Flicker & Harmonics
  • New Event Trigger (EVT) option L6-OPT-EVT
  • New CAN Bus interface option for Automotive applications


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