Free Upgrade Rigol 7000 Series Oscilloscopes


7000 Serie The World most powerful and affordable mid range oscilloscope

Rigol offers for a limted period a very attractive free promotional dual upgrade on its 7000 series oscilloscope.

  • 100- 400 MHz 4 Channel scopes
  • Large 10.1 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 10 Gs/s Maximum Sample Rate
  • 500 Million points of deep memory
  • 600.000 waveform per second capture rate
  • Search, Navaigation and Record Utilities
  • Advanced Analysis Capabilities
  • 6 Instruments in one


Promotion (valid until 30 September)

Purchase a new Rigol 200 MHZ DS/MSO7024 or 350 MHz DS/MSO7034 and get Free Bandwidth upgrade

    • DS7000-BW2T3,  Free upgrade from 200 MHz to 350 MHz
    • DS7000-BW3T5,  Free upgtade from 350 MHz to 500 MHz


Purchase any MSO/DS7000 oscilloscope and receive free DS7000-BND applications bundle

    • RS232/UART Protocol Trigger and Analysis
    • I2C and SPI Protocol Trigger and Analysis
    • CAN and LIN Protocol Trigger and Analysis
    • FlexRay Protocol Trigger and Analysis
    • I2S Protocol Trigger and Analysis
    • MIL-STD-1553 Protocol Trigger and Analysis
    • Power Analysis Measurement
    • Dual-channel 25 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator (only for MSO model)
    • Power Analysis Measurements


More Information

Please visit the Rigol 7000 series oscilloscope page for more information.