Free Bode Plot Application on MSO5000


Bode plot application

A Bode plot is a graph that maps the frequency response of the system. In the switch power supply and operational amplifiers circuit feedback network , the Bode plot provides a curve displaying the variation of gain and phase with the frequency for a loop analysis . Through the analysis on the gain margin and phase margin of the system , you can determine the stability of the system. With the built in signal generator module , the MSO5000 series generates the sweep
signal of a specified frequency range and outputs to the switch power supply circuit under test . Then , the oscilloscope draws a Bode plot displaying the variation of phase and gain with different  frequencies

The Bode Plot application requires MSO5000-AWG Dual Channel 25 Arbitrary wave form generator to be installed (current part of the free promtoion Bundle BND-MSO5000 valid until end of June 2020)



  • Start Frequency 10 Hz to 25 MHz
  • Stop Frequency 100 Hz to 25 MHz
  • Points/Decade 10 to 300
  • Output Amplitude
    • HighZ: 20 mV to 5 V
    • 50Ω: 10 mV to 2.5 V


More information

Contact us to request the new firmware that enables the free BODE Plot application on your MSO5000.

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