Free Rigol RF Basics Guide

RF Basics – Technology Guide

Rigol issued a compete new and updated RF basics Guide, a “must have” for every RF /EMC engineer. Rigol created this technology guide to explain the basics of RF signals, help you understand the time and frequency domains, and introduce common RF measurement instrumentation and measurement techniques. The guide has been updated with basics of Realtime spectrum analysis and EMI capabilities recently introduced  by Rigol.

The 119 page content is divided into the following chapters

  • Introduction
  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Frequency Measurement Instrumentation
  • Spectrum Monitoring with Realtime analysis
  • Common Component Tests
  • Common Transmitter Tests
  • Common Receiver Tests
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI/EMC)


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Please download below the RF Basics guide for free and/or the Rigol section on our website.

RF Basics – Technolgy Guide