High Definition Arbitrary Waveform Generator

T3AWG3252 and T3AWG3352 Arbitrary Waveform Generators

The new line of Teledyne Test Tools High Definition Arbitrary Waveform generator is a result of cooperation between Active Technologies and Teledyne LeCroy. The generators have a bandwidth of 250 or 350 MHz at a 16 bit DAC resolution. The High Definition ensures clean and crisp waveforms, complementary to the HDO oscilloscope line from Teledyne LeCroy.

Product Features

  • 250 and 350 MHz models
  • Arbitrary Function Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Digital Pattern Generator in one instrument
  • Up to 1.2 GS/s @ 16 bit resolution
  • PkPk Output voltage up to ±12V (50Ω)
  • Color screen with touch-screen user interface
  • Remote control SDK available including example scripts