Improved FFT on Rigol MSO/DS1000Z Series Oscilloscopes

DS1000Z Digital Oscilloscope

Latest firmware enables FFT with more frequency resolution

With the latest firmware (00.04.03 SP2) for the Rigol MSO/DS1000Z Series Oscilloscopes the  FFT functionality has been improved.

The FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) now can be calculated not only from the screen points but also on 16k points from the acquisition memory. This new enhancement enables the customer to perform FFT analyis in the frequency domain with increased frequency resolution.


Rigol MSO/DS1000Z (Mixed Signal) Oscilloscopes

The new Rigol MSO/SD1000Z series digital oscilloscope have been designed for general purpose. It features 4 analog channels with either 50, 70 or 100 MHz bandwidth, 12 Mpts memory which can be extended to 24 Mpts, fast update rate and a sample rate of maximum 1 Gs/s. The -S models also offer a 2 channel internal 25 MHz Waveform generator. In addition the MSO models add 16 digital channels and are very useful for embedded applications. Prices start at € 333 ex VAT including free delivery in the Benelux and 3 years warranty.



In the video below the improved FFT perfomance with higher frequency resolution is demonstrated.



More information

Visit for more information the Rigol MSO/DS1000Z page.

Existing MSO/DS1000Z user can request the new firmware here free of charge