LMG640 new Dual-Path Power Analyzer from ZES ZIMMER


New 1 to 4 channel Power Meter with Dual-Path technology

Zes Zimmer recently introduced the LMG670 a new generation Power Analyzer suitable for 1 to 7 measurement channels.With the introduction of the LMG640 the family has been extended with a new model suitable for 1 to 4 measurement channels. The LMG640 is more compact and available at am attractive price, but features the same innovative properties as found on its “bigger brother” the LMG570.

New interface

The LMG640 offers a complete new user interface.The large color touch screen combined with frontpanel buttons provides a very intuitive user interface. In addition remote measurement can be made through the USB2.0, Gigabit Ethernet or RS232 interface.


Dual-Path technology

This new generation power analyzers combine the innovative “Dual-Path” Technology with a user friendly GUI touchscreen. Until now, with traditional power meters, users were limited to broadband or (filtered) small band power measurements and making simultaneously power measurements on broad and narrow band signals (like 50 or 60 Hz fundamental) was not possible. The user needed to make a choice of filtered or unfiltered measurements. The Dual-Path Technology solves this dilemma making simultaneous accurate wide and narrow band power measurements possible without risking aliasing errors.


Budget and Application Flexibility

The LMG640 can be equipped with 1 to 4 measurement channels, with a choice of 3 different measurement modules varying in bandwidth and accuracy. A budget friendly general purpose module with 500 kHz bandwidth, a high accuracy module optimized for 50/60 Hz measurements and a high accuracy high bandwidth (10 MHz) are available. Remarkably all power modules make very accurate measurements from 500 µA required for standby power measurement for example but also measure direct up to 32 A. Accurate measurement can be made over a wide range without the need for changing measurement modules.  The measurement range can further be extended using several available current probes, shunts and high voltage probes.



In co-operation with Danisense Zes Zimmer introduced the PCT series current probes for currents between 200 A and 2000 A.
The PCT probes offer a high accuracy of 0.01% at bandwidths up to 1 MHz. The Aluminum housing not only provides  mechanical integrity but also provided shielding to electric fields.


. danisense

LMG640 Features


  • Extreme accuracy, 0.015% of reading+ 0.01% of range.
  • Dynamic range from 500 µA t0 32 A / 3 mV to 1000 V per channel , witjout need to change  modules.
  • Analog bandwidth:  DC to 10 MHz.
  • Modulir concept with 1 tot 4 measurement channels, or alternatively 1 to 3 measurement channels plus I/O card for Analog/Digital in and outputs
  • Gapless sampling with 18 bit resolution
  • Skew between Voltage and Current within 3 ns, ensuring accurate measurements in low power factor (PF) and high frequency applications

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