New APT 8500 Programmable AC/DC Power Source

APT 8500 series 500 VA – 4 kVA Programmable AC/DC Source

APT introduces the totally new 8500 series programmable AC source. This single phase advanced AC source comes in a  manual and programmable version. Both versions support a very wide frequency range of 5 – 1200 Hz and AC, DC and AC+DC output modes. This makes the 8500 a very versatile solution for a range of applications. With this new model, APT continues its focus on economical AC power solutions in the high quality segment.

Product Features

  • 500 VA – 4 kVA, single phase
  • 5 – 1200 Hz output frequency
  • AC, DC and AC + DC output mode
  • Maximum output voltage: 310 V AC
  • Programmable versions come with USB, LAN and optional GPIB interfaces
  • Sense connections for output wire voltage drop compensation
  • 3 Years warranty