New 8 channel 16 bit arbitrary generators

T3AWG 4 & 8 channel 16 bit arbitrary generators by Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne LeCroy has introduced two new members to the T3AWG family of 16 bit arbitrary generators. The new generators have 4 or 8 channels at a bandwidth of 250 or 350 MHz.

The new generators, made by Active Technologies, have the same high-end specifications as the recently introduced two channel models:

  • 16 Bit Vertical Resolution
  • up to 24 Vpp Output Voltage and ±12 V HW Baseline Offset for a total output voltage window ±24 V or 48 V (50 Ohm into High Impedance) Waveform memory up to 1 Gpoint @Ch
  • Mixed Signal Generation
  • Multifunctional solution instrument (AFG/AWG/DPG)