New easy to operate Electrical Safety Testers




SCI introduces easy to operate electrical safety testers

Slaughter Company Inc (SCI) adds 2 new series electrical safety testers for performing electrical safety tests for example  in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

The 290 series Hipot or dielectrical strength testers are intended to test the isolation for electrical breakdown.  SCI offers 5 different models: 5 kVA AC Hipot (model 294), 6 kV DC Hipot (model 295), 5 kV AC/6 kV DC Hipot (Model 296), 5 kV AC/6 kV DC Hipot and isolation resistance (Model 297) and a 500 VA (100 mA) AC Hipot.

The 260 serie ground bond testers are intended to test integrity of the safety earth provision on earthed equipment.  A 40 A (model 264) as well as a 60 A (model 265) unit are available.


Easy and Safe

Both series follow the same philosophy: As easy and safe as possible to operate.  There are only 3 knobs  : start, stop and a rotary knob. The rotary know is used to setup and and store the test parameters like test duration, test voltage/current, go no go limits etc in one of the available memories. Once setup has been completed the settings can be protected with a password so the operator can not change testparameters by accident. During the actual testing the operator only needs to selects the correct memory using the rotary knob and to initiate the test with start button. During and after the test the test progress and results are clearly visible on the display. The easy user interface minimizes the risk of errors and contributes to a safer electrical test work station.

Optional a USB interface is available for remote control and automation via PC.

In addition several test accessories like high voltage and ground bond test probes, adapter boxes etc are available.



  • 290 series: AC, DC, AC/DC Hipot, AC/DC Hipot wit Isolation Resistance test
  • 260 series: 40 or 60 A ground bond tester
  • Easy to operate
  • 5 test setup  memories
  • Optional USB interface for remote control
  • Optional ISO17025 calibration
  • Delivery from stock


More information

Please visit the SCI product page for more information.