WavePulser 40iX High Speed Interconnect Analyzer

Teledyne LeCroy Wavepulser40IX High-Speed Interconnect Analyzer
Delivers Unmatched Characterization Insight

Teledyne LeCroy introduced its WavePulser 40iX high-speed interconnect analyzer, a uniquely capable solution for complete interconnect testing and validation.

The WavePulser 40iX greatly simplifies the process of high-speed interconnect testing and validation by unifying time- and frequency-domain characterizations. The WavePulser 40iX, in a single acquisition and in one instrument, performs complete S-parameter frequency characterization like a vector network analyzer (VNA), impedance profiling like a time-domain reflectometer (TDR), and also delivers deep analysis capabilities.


Product Features

  • 4-Port S-parameters DC to 40 GHz, single-ended and mixed-mode
  • Impedance Profile with <1 mm resolution, differential and common-mode
  • Internal, automatic OSLT calibration
  • USB-connected, small, lightweight
  • Flexible display of the measurements
  • Remove effects from fixtures, connectors and cables
  • Emulate eye diagrams with CTLE, DFE and FFE equalization
  • Advanced jitter analysis