Power Electronics Event 2021

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In co-operation with its suppliers ZES Zimmer and Danisense AR Benelux participates with a presentation about accurate verification and certification of DC current meters for EV charging and micro-grid application.

In this presentation we discuss the various challenging aspects of the verification of such meters that use pulse intervals as a means to count the energy. To measure this correctly according the standard requirements, a special measurement method in combination with the right probing technique is required. ZES ZIMMER and Danisense have developed a measurement method that overcomes this challenge by carefully selecting the measurement strategy and current probes using fluxgate closed loop technology.


Date Wednessday June 9th
Time 14.00
Presentation Verifying, calibrating and certifying DC current meters for EV charging and micro grid applications to a very high accuracy
Presenters Loic Moreau, Danisense & Patrick Fuchs, ZES ZIMMER