Pre-Compliance EMC test solutions

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Pre-Compliance EMC testing

Rigol Technologies created some versatile and affordable pre-compliance EMC test solutions around their popular DSA series spectrum analyzers. By performing in-house pre-compliance measurements on your equipment before submitting to a EMC test house greatly increases the chance passing full compliance tests on the first attempt. This way costly retest at EMC testhouses and delayed product introductions can be minimized.

The pre-compliance test solution can be configured with different components depending on your test requirements. Typical systems contain 1 or more of the following items:

  • DSA700 & DSA800(E) series Spectrum Analyzers from 9 kHz – 500 MHz up to 7.5 GHz
  • DSA-EMI kit for above Spectrum Analyzers (provides CISPR bandwidths of 200 Hz, 9 & 120 kHz and Quasi Peak detector
  • S1210 EMC Software for logic workflow, easy setup and execution and documentation of your EMC tests
  • NFP-3 Set Near Field Probes for trouble shooting EMC sources on PCB’s and enclosures
  • other EMC test accessories like LISN’s, Antenna’s, TEM cells, current probes etc.


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