Programmable Microwave Attenuators

MLAT-1000A datasheet

MLAT-1000B datasheet

General purpose programmable microwave attenuators

The new MLAT series from Micro Lambda Wirelss (MLW) are general purpose programmable attenuators that cover a frequency band of 10 MHz up to 21 GHz.

These attenuators provide either 0 to 31.5 or 63 dB attenuation over the full range. The attenuators can be programmed by the user via a USB or SPI interface and can be set in 0.5 dB steps over the entire frequency range. Designed in a miniature package of 2.0”x2.0”x0.5” to fit into most designs.

Applications include Wide Band Receivers, Automated Test Systems, Telecom,  Satcom , UAV’s and Drones and a variety of  Military and Commercial Test applications.


  • 10 MHz – 21 GHz
  • 31.5 or 63 dB attenuation range
  • o.5 dB step size
  • Optional level flatness correction
  • Optional Internal amplifier
  • SPI & USB control (instruction set provided in manual)
  • 0 to +50 C operating range (other range available on special order)
  • SMA(f) RF connectors


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