EMC and LVD Training Courses

Many of our customer need to comply with the CE directive and might consider to start in house pre-compliance testing but wonder how to start.  AR Benelux can assist you with pre-compliance testequipment, but equally important is a good basic understanding about CE standards and practical measurement skills.

For these customer that like to have a better understanding of EMC and/or LVD we are happy to recommend the CE training courses offered by Canrinus Consultancy.

With over 22 years experience in the field of CE marking Andre Canrinus can help you get your product in a cost effective way to comply with the appropriate European directives. Additionally, the training offered will also improve your understanding of measurement requirements and techniques leading to greater efficiency and reduction in product development time.

The guidelines and standards for the CE mark are explained in a very practical way, measurement techniques highlighted in the theory will be also shown in the practical part the training with many examples in the lab downstairs.

The number of participants is limited from 2 to 6 people to provide a more personal contact and space for specific questions or perhaps challenges that you are facing with your product testing.


            over_het_mct_2          EMC Training

EMC and LVD Training Courses

Three following 3 training courses are offered at the Measure & Training Facility located in Veenendaal

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