Worlds fastest oscilloscope – Behind the scenes


Experiments and Teardown of the Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10-100zi 100GHz, 240GS/s Oscilloscope

Recently Shahriar of the Signal Path blog visited the Teledyne LeCroy factory to have a close look at the working principles, practical implementation and some experiments with the Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 100Zi 100 GHz, 240 Gs/s real time oscilloscope, the fastest scope in the market today. 


In the video the block diagram and the theory of operation of the scope is presented. This includes the architecture of the 4x80GS/s ADCs and the triple frequency interleaving system. The teardown of the scope includes a close look at the ADC platform, the dual frequency interleaving (65GHz operation) and the triple frequency interleaving (100GHz operation). The experiments with the scope demonstrate the instrument’s capability to digitize signals up 100GHz using the beat frequency of two non-coherent lasers. The scope is also used to capture a 4pS rise time pulse from a femtosecond laser pulse system and a high-speed photo detector. A complete factory tour is also presented where Teledyne LeCroy assembles all their oscilloscope products.


More information

For more information on world fastest oscilloscope visit the LabMaster 10Zi-A page or visit the Teledyne LeCroy product line page for a complete overview of all available products and solutions.