Zes Zimmer LMG610 Power Meter

Zes Zimmer LMG610 1 Phase Power Meter

Zes Zimmer introduced the LMG610 single phase precision power meter with touch screen. Unique is that 3 different versions are available to fit the users measurement needs: LMG610-A1 for high-precision broadband measurements up to 10 MHz, LMG610-B1 for general purpose measurements up 500 kHz or LMG610-C1 for high-precision 50/60 Hz measurements up to 10 kHz. Measurements can be made direct up to 1000 Vrms / 32 Arms and can be further extended with a variety of external voltage probes and current clamps.


DualPath – Simultanous measurement of narrow and broadband values

Another unique feature is the DualPath architecture available on the LMG610-A1 and LMG610-B1 versions. DualPath is the long awaited solution to a well known dilemma, present on traditional power meters. When optimizing designs for power applications with high-frequency content, engineers were forced to choose between analysis on the full power spectrum or a specific part only. Simultaneous measurements were impossible. Now with DualPath technology it is possible to measure wide band and filtered values simultaneously.


Key Features

  • Single Channel Precision Power Meter
  • Large and clearly arranged touchscreen GUI for intuitive handling
  • Direct measurement up to 1000 Vrms and 32 Arms
  • Analog bandwidth DC up to 10 MHz
  • 3 different versions for different applications:
    • LMG610-A1 : 0.025 % accuracy, up to 10 MHz (DualPath)
    • LMG610-B1  : 0.07 % accuracy, up to 500 kHz (DualPath)
    • LMG610-C1  : 0.04 % accuracy, up to 10 kHz
  • Gapless sampling up to 18 bit and a minimal cycle time of 30 ms
  • Delay time between V and I input < 3ns
  • Standard USB2.0, LAN, RS232 interface (optional CAN)
  • Optional CE Flicker & Harmonics


Visit the LMG610 product page for more information .